Monday, 21 September 2015

Weekly Forecast for Creative Projects

Hi folks! I have a lot to do at the moment so I'm switching to a single card forecast for a while. This week's reading comes from The Enchanted Tarot by Zerner and Farber (Eddison Sadd Editions, 2000).

I've been doodling with watercolour paint, I'm working on a few short stories, and I'm also putting together a book for people who want to improve their creative self-expression. It's all go and I'm really enjoying the process. That I drew the King of Wands for the week to come doesn't surprise me at all.

The King of Wands is all about making goals and doing what needs to be done to reach them. His energy is strong, direct, and focused. That focus is usually applied to areas where creative individuality can be expanded upon. Any challenges that occur are simply part of the overall journey, and should not be seen as a reason to quit. The card encourages me to be clear about what I want, to be confident about getting it, and to accept the rewards when they arrive. The King also tells me I'll soon be in a position to share my creative journey with other people.

Creative Reflections for the Week Ahead

What are your creative goals? Are you willing to work through the challenges ahead so you can reach these goals? How might others benefit from your experience?

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Watercolour Doodles

I had a great time doodling with paint and pens this week! My favourite is the one at the top. In case your wondering about the name on the pictures. I'm about to replace the number eleven in my blog title and think Anders is a good fit.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Creativity Workshop

Hi folks! I’m about to start writing a book that will be a workshop for exploring creativity, and am looking for a couple of people who would like to take part in the course as it develops. The book will focus on creative exercises supported by ongoing chakra work, tarot/oracle readings, and various forms of meditation. This won’t be a drawing or painting techniques book as it's purpose is to promote, develop and encourage intuitive self-expression through various media. 

What you get out of it:

Free permanent access to an inspiring course that will support your creative projects. Free tuition and support from me. A free copy of the book when it’s published, and a free chakra reading at the beginning and end of the course. See here for an example reading.

What I get out of it:

The opportunity for me to learn as well as teach. Feedback as the course develops. Case studies that can be included in the book (with permission, and with the names changed to protect identities), and a couple of book reviews when the course is complete.

Why I’m qualified to do this:

*blows own trumpet* I’m a creative person and have teaching experience from a variety of previous occupations (the sciences, care work, and adult literacy). I’ve been responsible for a variety of projects (research & development, delivery of care packages, and student records). I’ve been a tarot reader for a very long time, and I’m passionate about inspiring people.

I’m going to hold my hand up and be honest here. I can be a bit full on with my enthusiasm (it’s my Aries rising) but believe me, my heart’s in the right place. I get a kick out of helping people find ways to help themselves, and it’s not about me telling you what to do, it’s about me helping you find your own solutions and supporting you when you get stuck. Also, I don’t do pecking orders *shakes head from side to side with great enthusiasm*, and I’m as open to learning as I am to passing on my own life experience.  And lol... I have an irreverent sense of humour so that's something else you might want to consider :-)

Regarding creativity, you could be an artist, dancer, musician, gardener or cook etc. As said, the exercises in the book will focus on encouraging free expression through various media so the nature of your creative expression isn’t important, only that you are a creative person hoping to loosen up your creativity. There will be a time commitment here in terms of exercises so do consider that before applying. I’ll do my best to keep things flexible but at the same time, I need to keep things moving forward. I plan to set up a private facebook group where I can post and keep track of exercises, students and other developments. As for the course, while there will be some structure in the form of regular exercises, the focus is experimental and exploratory. This requires a certain amount of reflection on your part at various stages, and like any course of study... what you get out of it will be equal to what you put into it so you need to be willing to test yourself and put your findings into practise. I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Please note: if you are currently experiencing mental health issues do not apply. Intuitive self-expression has a way of releasing and engaging energies that you may not be prepared for. If you still want to practise creative self-expression, do look for a reputable art therapist in your area. 

Tarot Chakra Reading

Before kicking off with chakra exercises for creativity, I thought an exploration of my current state using The Sacred Indian Tarot by Kiren Rai (Om Books International, 2011) would be useful. Just so you know, I tend to talk in the third person when I do deeper readings as this helps me to be objective.

1. Root Chakra (The Emperor):

The querent has the strength, self-discipline, and focus to overcome creative obstacles, and her creative goals are well grounded. The fiery nature of The Emperor in the earth based root chakra suggests blocks to creative flow are in the process of breaking down. The querent may experience unfamiliar energy surges that could make the lower part of her body somewhat sensitive. 

2. Sacral Chakra (The High Priestess):

Answers and insights flow quickly via the querent’s intuition. She has been looking for new ways to draw upon her instincts in her creative work, and has been presented with a variety of options. An increased flow of elemental water energy in the sacral chakra may result in adverse physical symptoms until this energy has served its purpose.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Temperance):

Temperance informs the querent her lower chakras are being cleared in order to make her stronger in terms of self-esteem, will and ego so she is able to wield her creative power with confidence, spontaneity and compassion. The querent may undergo fluctuations in energy levels that leave her feeling alternately hyperactive and exhausted until the energetic flow between her lower chakras settles down.  

Note: The blending of opposites in this card follows the male and female archetypes drawn for the first and second chakras.

4. Heart Chakra (The Empress):

The Empress in this position describes an opportunity for creative fulfilment, and suggests the resolution of divisions between the lower and higher chakras will result in passionate self-expression. The querent is also learning to balance her own needs with the needs of those around her, and may experience some emotional turbulence while she renegotiates her boundaries.

5. Throat Chakra (The Chariot):

The querent travels towards the birth of a new creative perspective and a new direction. The integration of opposing forces makes the reclamation of personal power and confidence possible. The querent is advised to take advantage of the opportunities presented, and must be willing to take responsibility for her own artistic expression.

6. Third Eye Chakra (The Hierophant):

The Hierophant suggests the querent finds ways to share her creative experiences. The more liberated she becomes, the more compelled she will feel to communicate the possibility of creative liberation to others. If the querent feels uncertain or anxious about this task, it may help to see it as an act of devotion that encourages others to practise and develop healthy creative habits in their own lives.

7. Crown Chakra (The Moon):

The Moon represents the distillation of experience that manifests itself in the form of improved artistic vision, and suggests the possibility of a specific creative project. The querent may acquire greater access to the dream world and to her subconscious through creative study. The Emperor at the root chakra and The Moon at the crown suggests regular grounding exercises will keep the querent’s energy stable, and also encourages the querent to continue exploring creative self-expression.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Weekly Forecast for Creative Projects

This week's reading comes from the Celtic Oracle by Vincenzo and Baraldi (Lo Scarabeo, 2006).

1. What hinders my root chakra during creative activities this coming week (9 Coll/Hazel)?

I recently signed up for an online course in intuitive painting and drawing. This is something I’m really excited about so obstacles to creative activities this week will likely come in the form of a lack of action or inability to harness the inspirational energy currently available to me.

2. How can I move my focus from what hinders my root chakra to what supports my root chakra during creative activities this coming week (5 Saille/Willow)?

Saille tells me to focus on my studies, to follow the intuitive nature of the work and find my own meaning in it. The learning and experience I gain from the course I’m about to study will facilitate long term changes in the way I express myself.

3. What supports my root chakra during creative activities this coming week (VII Lugnasad)?

Continual practise will help me reap the benefits of the course I’m about to begin. Also, Lugnasad represents a festival on the Wheel of the Year, which suggests the knowledge and experience I acquire will prepare me for the beginning of a new creative cycle.

Creative Reflections for the Week Ahead

How can you make the best of the creative opportunities available to you this week? Are you willing to figure out your own path through the creative instruction of others? What preparations need to be made for a new creative cycle in your life?

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Weekly Forecast for Creative Projects

This week's reading comes from the Rider Waite Tarot by Waite and Smith (US Games, 1971). The root chakra card comes from the Chakra Meditations deck by Swami Saradananda (Watkins Publishing, 2010).

1. What hinders my root chakra during creative practise (XI Justice)?

My root chakra is out of balance because I’m too judgemental about my work. I feel like I’m trying to shed an old skin that’s suffocating my desire for self-expression, and the forms of expression I’m most drawn to are primitive, child-like, and unrestrained.

2. How can I move my focus from what hinders my root chakra to what supports my root chakra during creative practise (Four of Cups)?

By appreciating my gifts and the opportunities I now have to explore them. The card also encourages contemplation and reflection. I’m currently studying meditations and exercises that might help me unblock and balance my root chakra. 

3. What supports my root chakra during creative practise (High Priestess)?

Creativity flows when I work without too much conscious interference and maintain a receptive attitude towards my instincts. I'm at my best when I allow my abilities to develop in their own time, in their own way, without judgement.

Creative Reflections for the Week Ahead

In what ways do you stifle your creativity? How might you bring a more spontaneous form of expression to your work? Are you willing to take creative risks?